This fishing calendar provides a general scope of what kinds of fish you may catch while angling in the Gulf of Chiriqui. This information is the result of many years experience fishing in these waters. Keep in mind, though, you can catch almost any of these at any time of the year and the availability of these species can vary at any given time depending upon changes in migration and the effects of the currents, winds, and temperatires.

Generally speaking, the best time to fish is a couple hours before and after tide changes. When inland, high tide changes come when the moon is due south. You can also expect great fishing during the early morning just after sunrise as well as around sundown. Don’t be put off by bad weather, either. All you need is the right kind of bait, as fish continue to eat no matter what the conditions are.

Using the right bait is as important as using the correct tackle, and our captains and mates will make sure that you have the best chance possible by using the right plugs, bait, poppers, etc., combined with keeping an eye on the wind direction and water conditions.

The table below is a general guideline, keeping in mind that in Panama we only have a wet and dry season. The dry season, what we call summer, runs from December to April. The wet season is from May through November and during this time, you can expect tropical showers. October it typically the wettest.