All of our boats are more than capable of inshore fishing, but whether inshore or offshore, we fish the Gulf of Chiriquí, which extends along Panama’s Pacific coast from the Costa Rican border to the Azuero Peninsula.

Inshore fishing is within 25 miles of our point of embarkment in Boca Chica. There are many species in these waters, but some of the inshore favorites around the Isla Secas and Isla Paridas areas.

Isla Secas is a prime inshore fishing spot located 15 nautical miles from the lodge. The Island is part of an archipelago and the surrounding waters are very biodiverse with an abundance of roosterfish, amberjacks, wahoo, barracuda, and cubera snapper.

Isla Parida is covered in luscious mangroves where snorkelers and fishermen enjoy the sights of sea turtles and dolphins swimming freely. Consequently, these fertile fishing grounds deliver amberjacks, cero mackerel, wahoo, barracuda, roosterfish, and rainbow runners.